Monday, 28 June 2010

Walk side 4th street

This is the most recurrent phrase that I have got to hear since I came to Kurz Hall in Louisville, "walk side 4 th street". It took me a while to decipher the message; at first I thought it says "welcome ...walk down fourth street", I figured out that this might not be the correct one; I knew there was a problem with the word "welcome". I never gave up.

Number 4 is close to me in a way. I am born on the 4th of July, my computer and facebook profile has lots of number 4s in it; as I am moving my head and pondering over the shape of the number, I can see myself, enclosed in a triangle with a lane that gives me a chance to walk out, and get back to the triangle; I am not sure I am quite happy about it; I would have liked to be number 8, it flows like the body of a woman (if I use the same description in an Arabic novel that I am currently reading).

On the 4th of July, I usually receive e-mails from bluemoutain, the first time I got these e-cards was years ago, I thought a distant friend is remembering my birthday; I found out that my birthday is the same day that US got its independence. Welcome, the day of indepence; I smiled at the flickering light of my old screen.

Number 4 has given me luck this year, I can imagine it a pyramid, or an old purse with money that gliters in the dim light of the cave. If I complete the triangle at the other side, it will be a sign of infinity, exactly like number 8, it is not enclosed in circles like number 8 with no way out, I am for number 4 then, 4th of July, 4th street.


mhmdwahab said...

عقبالك يوم ميلادك يوم ما تنال اللى شغل بالك يا قلبى
و يا قلب الا ستاذة
مليون سنة و انتى بخير و سعادة

mhmdwahab said...

فى هذا اليوم أأأأكون من المدعوين ام من المحجوبين؟

mhmdwahab said...

انتى اكبر بكتير من صورتك تنزل فى الوشنطن بوست انتى اروع واجمل من المظاهر الزائفة والشهرة
انت لوحدك لست بحاجة الى صورة فى مجلة
او كلام
الجواهر توضع فى مكان لا يشاهدة الجميع انما صفحات الجرايد خليط من الاخبار اى من الممكن ان نجد صورة لص كلب و ليس فقط واحد من المشاهير

يتم تحديث المدونة أسبوعيا...تابعونا :)