Saturday, 15 May 2010

And who else?

In the dream, he was standing in the parlor, towards the kitchen, a place that is similar to the corridor of the apartment where Dr. Alaa holds his weekly discussion. He was surrounded by people; he was laughing in a humble way, I did not like it. I thought in the dream that may be I was deceived in the man. He looked like my father when he wore the grey suit, most similar to those worn by conductors. I approached him, though; shook hands with him. I was aware of his seamy appearance. I am not sure, however, whether I kept talking to him that way to support him or I was driven by my admiration to him. He was saying something; I interrupted him saying that he means a lot to me; in another scene, I told him that on facebook, one of my profile pictures is for him. I also distribute the addresses of his websites here. He patted my shoulder. I opened my eyes, and the first thing that came to my mind is that I have an exam. . I went to the other room. In my mind I conjured his image, him holding the pipe. All around it was silent.
يتم تحديث المدونة أسبوعيا...تابعونا :)