Saturday, 3 July 2010

You made me love you

I got fascinated with the song a few days ago when one of my friends sang it; it simply gripped my heart. Yesterday, I was caught in a conflict between two things: stopping now and then to click on the re-play button in the you-tube, or concentrate on reading the novel that we have to read in class. It took me an hour to break the spell. I kept listening to the song by different singers. One of the earlier versions was by Judy Garland in 1937; in the song, the lyrics said that she "cries" because she was hiding her feelings; in a later version by Debbie Reynold, though, she "sighs" rather than cries. This later version omits the part where the original lyrics relate his being "grand" to the fact that "I did not wanna tell you" and "I guess you always knew it". Another missing part is the sentence: "the very mention of your name makes my heart reeling". I like Garland's song more, it has more conflicts in it. Reynold's performance, though, is more feminine. One of the things you like to be confused about when you are in the mood.
يتم تحديث المدونة أسبوعيا...تابعونا :)